Why Bedrock

In 1968, Dick Morley, father of the Programmable Logic Controller, introduced the Modicon – Modern Digital Control PLC, and in 1975, ”Modicon 284” was the first PLC with a microprocessor. Concurrently in 1975, both Honeywell and Yokogawa are credited with introducing their own Distributed Control Systems, first called DDCS – for Distributed Digital Control. The PLC and DCS forever brought digital computation plus high-speed networking to automation. While Moore’s law, software and material science enabled constant improvements, the basic architecture of the PLC and DCS have remained unchanged since 1975.

Process visualization evolved in tandem with advancements in GUIs, display technology, and operating systems into modern SCADA. While traditional digital networked automation has delivered great promise by improving process and resource efficiency, it has also compromised the integrity of automation with cyber insecurity and overwhelmed users with proprietary software and product obsolescence.

Elsewhere, in 1983 TCP/IP was adopted by ARPANET and the “network of networks” exponentially grew. On August 6, 1991 the World Wide Web became publicly available and the inventor, Tim Berners-Lee changed the world forever. It is a premise of Bedrock Automation that in this decade and beyond, exponential computing, open source software, and the internet are changing automation now and forever.

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, unbound by legacies of the PLC and DCS, and empowered by the most modern semiconductor and software technologies, we launched Bedrock Automation and OSA®, our Open Secure Automation platform. On such a simple and powerful open platform, IIoT, edge computing, zero trust networks, AI and other disruptive ideas are coming to life. Visit our website and download our whitepapers to see what we mean by Open and Secure and how we obsess over innovations to reduce cost of ownership and ensure digital security. Bedrock Automation is about you, and you are the answer to why?

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it,” wrote Alan Kay. Bedrock OSA® is my prediction and our invention of the future of automation…and that future is now.

Albert Rooyakkers
Founder, CEO, CTO

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