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Think Differently – Bedrock Automation

May 26, 2022 |  In The News

Retired Exxon Mobil I&CE director Sandy Vasser has taken to LinkedIn to share the automation insights he gained in 38 years of designing, constructing, commissioning, operating and maintaining automation and power facilities. An important part of that work was what he called the “It Just Happens” initiative, which had the following objectives:

  • Find better ways to design, install, and commission automation and electrical systems, improving the ways the systems are procured and maintained.
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps that prevent automation and electrical systems from “just happening”.
  • Lower the initial and maintenance costs associated with automation and electrical systems.
  • Remove automation and electrical systems from the critical path for major projects.

In his articles Vasser sometimes mentions vendors with whom he has worked to accomplish these objectives, but has never focused exclusively on a single vendor, until now. He writes:

“The innovations developed by Bedrock met and exceeded all of the objectives of the It Just Happens initiative. As you will see in this article, the list of innovations is long and significant covered by over 100 patents. Many of the features and practices developed and implemented by Bedrock do not exist or are not being used by the other industrial control systems (ICS) suppliers. Clearly, Bedrock thought completely differently in the design of their ICS platform.”

Here are some of the highlights on Bedrock security, reliability, simplicity, reliability and durability, openness, scalability and cost reduction.


“Bedrock Open and Secure Automation (OSA) is a standards-based, state of the art universal platform with patented intrinsic (built-in) cyber security. The cyber security happens auto-magically without complicated user intervention or special procedures, or even special training and it comes at no initial or lifetime cost to the user. It has the most advanced form of cyber security available in modern embedded systems.”

“…  there are 1,979 separate postings of control and network vulnerabilities. The only vendor not listed, thus with no known cyber vulnerabilities is Bedrock.”

Reliability & Durability

“Bedrock … identified all of the failure modes and developed technologies to mitigate all of these failure modes. They got rid of 90%+ of the pins … ”


“Bedrock had a design objective that drove every design decision to zero. …”


“Bedrock supports all relevant emergent and emerging standards for programming environments, SCADA networks, legacy industrial protocols enabling interoperability of OSA with legacy systems.”


OSA is “an unprecedented automation architecture with unlimited scalability from tens to tens of thousands of IO using less than a dozen system part numbers. The smallest system fits in the palm of your hand and can also be scaled up to the largest modern DCS system.”


“Bedrock has driven down software and firmware costs to zero. With one software toolset for all purposes that costs zero to own, zero to maintain and zero to train, the savings to the users are significant. …”

Read the complete post here.

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