Find out how Bedrock Automation can secure your infrastructure with the next generation industrial control system with a revolutionary electro-magnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded cyber security for the highest levels of system performance, security and reliability at the lowest system cost – all backed by a five-year warranty!

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Support Documentation

Please use the following links to download the latest version of the Bedrock Automation Support Documentation.

Bedrock OSA Platform User Manual

Bedrock OSA Platforms Quick Start Guide

Bedrock OSA Remote User Manual

Bedrock OSA Remote Quick Start Guide

Bedrock Secure UPS User Manual

Bedrock Secure UPS Quick Start Guide

Bedrock Secure Power Supply User Manual

Bedrock Secure Power Supply Quick Start Guide



Below are FAQ’s regarding Bedrock’s Platform, Security and Software. If you do not see what you are looking for, please fill out the form and we will reply as quickly as possible.

Does the shock and vibration certification apply to the entire system?


Are HART and 4-20mA measurement values available to the application code at the same time?

Yes, within the sampling time limits of the AI and HART.

Can Ethernet traffic be tunneled through the backplane to/from the SCC to the 5-port Ethernet module?


What are the uses of the two GiGe SPF ports on the SCC Module?

Port A (the forward port) is standard Gigabit Ethernet for communicaiton between the SCC and outside devices such as the BIDE, HMI and SCADA systems, and any other device which wants to connect to the SCC’s built-in OPC-UA server.  Port B (the rear-most port) is reserved for connection to an SRC in a Bedrock I/O backplane.

Does the SIO4.E support multi-point HART?

No, HART is supported on our SIO 1.05 and SIO U.10 universal IO modules allowing one HART device per channel.

Can the module circuit boards be conformal coated?

Conformal coating may be available upon request.

Can the Bedrock Controller be used in a environment containing Hypochlorite or H2S?

While the case is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, and the SCC/SPM backplane connectors are gold plated, normal precautions including mounting the system in a NEMA 4/4X enclosure are recommended.

Does the BMI need to be mounted in a certain orientation to assure proper cooling (i.e., not on its back)?


Does the accuracy specification on the analog input apply to any conversion rate?

The accuracy specification is for all ranges at full scale independent of conversion rate.

Does the AI and AO accuracy spec drift over time?


Will the 5-port Ethernet switch module support IPv6?


What inputs does the SPM have?

The SPM has two 24VDC inputs and one 90-240VAC/DC inputs, so you can have 3 redundant power sources connected.

What are the operating temperature limits of UL approved Bedrock hardware without fans?

Please refer to the Product datasheets.

What’s the limit on how many SRCs can be daisy chained to an SCC?

9 SRC modules can be supported by a single SCC module for a total of 10 backplanes or a maximum of 4000 IO supported.

Do the SPM, SCC, and SIO’s have internal temperature sensing?


What bandwidth speeds are available using the SCC ports?

10/100/1000 Mbps

Does redundant SPM’s require redundant SCC’s or vice versa?

No, each portion of redundancy is independent of each other. However a BMI 10 or 20 is required as redundancy is not supported on the BMI 5.

Why does the Bedrock system feel hot?

The entire system works as a large heat sink. A typical controller will release its heat using convection out of vents. The Bedrock controller uses conduction to pull heat from the components. The controller may feel hot on the outside the components are running much cooler.

What is the maximum compliance voltage of the 4-20mA outputs? (What is the maximum voltage the 4-20mA output can still regulate 20mA?)


What is the temperature rating of the fiber SFP module we are recommending/qualified?

-40C to +85C.

What is the user data and program memory sizes?

512MB for program, 8 GB for data.

Do the SIO modules contain watchdog timers so their outputs go to the failsafe position if there is a loss of communication with the SCC?

Yes, and it is accessible through the Bedrock IDE,

What happens to the LEDs and connector mapping when the module orientation is reversed?

The Channels and the LEDS are fixed regardless of the orientation.

Does the Ethernet Module support 5 full-speed Ethernet connections simultaneously?


Can the Ethernet Module be used as a five-port switch?

The Ethernet Module can be used as a 5 port managed switch and only supports 100BaseT.

Does a single Ethernet Module support multiple protocols (Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet)?

Yes, a single Ethernet module will support all available protocols at the same time.   Each port will support all running protocols simultaneously.

Do any modules provide NAMUR I/O?

NAMUR I/O is supported with the SIO U.10

What is DMR/TMR I/O?

This means any channel can be made redundant with any other channel on any module using double or triple module redundancy.  Voting is performed in the CPU.

What is “Secure RAM?”

Secure RAM is an attribute of secure micro-controller technology used throughout the control system.  This is SRAM which is internal to the secure processor.

What is the relative accuracy of time stamps between input points on seperator controllers?

Between separate controllers, the accuracy will be within 1ms.

What amount of power is available from the SPM auxiliary 24VDC output?

Any excess power will be available to the auxiliary port up to 48 watts and can be software limited in the IDE.

What is the maximum I/O scan rate (minimum scan period)?


Does the OPC-UA Encryption use the SCC root of trust?


How secure is the Bedrock Controller and its communcation channels to its programmer and HMI systems?

While there are no absolute answers in security, the Bedrock Controller currently provides the highest level of security in the industry.

Can a virus be introduced at the component level in the chips used in the Bedrock hardware?  

Since Bedrock’s parent company is the chip manufacturer, the same level of cryptography found at Bedrock is used at the seminconductor facility.   Therefore the whole supply chain is under Bedrock’s control.

Is the Bedrock Controller vulnerable to a flash drive attack like Stuxnet?

The Bedrock Controller does not accept a flash drive, so there is no way a virus could be introduced through that vector.  Also, due to the layered security of the Bedrock Controller (down to the transistor-level), the Bedrock Controller is immune to any viruses or Trojans that could be introduced to the company network through a flash drive.

Does the Bedrock IDE support collaborative design? 

Yes, through the Apache SubVersion plug-in.

Will the Bedrock runtime support the CODESYS File Access library?


Are there any plans for Bedrock to support DNP3?

DNP3 support is not currently in the roadmap, but support is within the capabilities of the Bedrock hardware.  Please contact Sales if there is a market for this feature.

What is the fastest guaranteed terminal-to-terminal throughput with a DC discrete output connected to a DC discrete input and no filtering?


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