We are growing a network of experienced independent System Integrators and Automation Solutions Providers to provide complete system application and project management services.  If you are  looking for the next generation in an industrial control platform that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage, please contact Paul Tornabene at

In addition to a network of System Integrators and Automation Solutions Providers, Bedrock Automation can provide consulting services dedicated to analyzing, assessing, remediating, and securing your manufacturing environment today and into the future.  Please contact us to learn more about how to take advantage of the knowledge that helped design the most secure Industrial Automation control system available today.

Scalable support agreements are available from Bedrock Automation and its network of System Integrators. Support includes system and security updates and an industry first lifetime warranty and non-obsolescence policy.

Bedrock Security Services:

  • Security Consulting
    • Architecture Studies and Risk Assessments
    • Specification Review and Writing
    • Penetration Tests
  • Bedrock Platform Security-Embedded Security Toolkits for
    • Hardware Root of Trust
    • Secure Boot
    • Secure Data at Rest and Transit
  • Device Lifecycle Management (DLM)
    • DLM for Secure Supply Chain
    • DLM for Secure Operation