Why Intrinsic Security

Because today’s mainstream control systems are based on architectures developed before cybersecurity was a threat – securing them requires adding on firewalls, intrusion detection and other pricey bolt-on solutions. These may provide some degree of protection, but they are far from impenetrable. Once an intruder gets through, there is very little to stop them.

With Bedrock’s built-in protection, however, anything that does penetrate bolt-on defenses will have no place to go. The intruder would have to pass muster at multiple electronic checkpoints, break military grade encryption that would take years for even today’s most power computers, and even then would have cracked only a single module.
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This deep protection is standard on all Bedrock controllers, I/O and power supplies, and further protected by tamper-proof, environmentally hardened metal casing — all supplied at no incremental cost to the already low-priced, high-performance control functionality.
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