Case Studies

Bedrock® OSA® implementations are up and running in water, power and oil & gas applications. Read on to see how Bedrock Automation and its partners are delivering automation solutions with the highest levels of system performance, cyber security and reliability at the lowest lifecycle cost.


Flow-Sync / FLOWPOINT Case Study

Fracking uses highly pressurized water, mud and sand to fracture shale until it releases the oil or gas trapped within its layers. Ensuring a continuous supply of the millions of gallons of water needed for this operation is a logistical challenge that is vital to wellsite cost control and profitability. Meeting this challenge has been a labor-intensive and sometimes risky process, but an IIoT automation project now running in the Permian Basin demonstrates what may herald a new era of water management productivity and cost-efficiency.


Hot Springs Case Study

The city of Hot Springs, Arkansas projected that its antiquated filter controls would not be adequate to meet anticipated future demands. The open object-oriented system design capability of Bedrock’s IDE made quick work of integrating the SCADA system across the secure Bedrock® platform — improving filtration and with that, water quality, water conservation and regulatory compliance.


Pinnacle Midstream Case Study

The Bedrock® OSA® Platform aligned perfectly with Pinnacle Midstream’s philosophy of creating customer value by leveraging cutting edge, innovative technology to deliver higher quality product with improved profitably.


Lynchburg Case Study

The City of Lynchburg Wastewater Treatment plant finds inspiration in its Bedrock® platform - leveraging its power, flexibility and simplicity to deliver multiple solutions faster and more cost effectively than they imagined possible.


Clarksville Case Study

As part of a plan to realize as much as $2M in savings through improved control, monitoring, operational efficiency, and security of its electric grid and water treatment facilities, the City of Clarksville, Arkansas selected and implemented the Bedrock® control system from Bedrock Automation.


Russellville Case Study

The Russellville Water and Sewer System has replaced a legacy PLC with a secure Bedrock® industrial control system. Bedrock certified solution provider Brown Engineers, of Little Rock, Arkansas, completed the upgrade in November 2015 and the system has been performing to specifications ever since.