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Reducing Costs; Battling ICS ransomware; Evolving control systems

November 24, 2020 |  Newsletters

This month Bedrock Fellow Sam Galpin discusses how to minimize ransomware risk through contingency planning.

Sam was also among a group of industry expert contributors to AutomationWorld’s “Product Selection & Applied Technology Handbook 2020,” which underscores the trend toward open, secure and integrated automation, as you’ll see from the excerpts.

The third topic this month is a preview of our upcoming AMG World webinar on how the oil & gas industry can leverage Open Secure Automation (OSA) to address their drive for continuous cost improvements. The technologies we will be presenting apply to all industries, so please join us on Tuesday, December 1 by registering here.

Finally, as we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we want to share our genuine appreciation for you. Thank you and have a safe and joyful Thanksgiving!

This issue features:

  • Ransomware Contingency Planning for ICS: The hypothetical ransomware scenario we described in the OSA “Securing ICS” white paper has become reality. ICS Security consultant Dale Peterson’s suggestion to simulate a sudden loss of all the Windows machines in an ICS is well-targeted and timely.
  • Evolving to More Open, Secure and Integrated Automation: AutomationWorld’s “PRODUCT SELECTION & APPLIED TECHNOLOGY HANDBOOK 2020” is out and calls for increasing open, secure and integrated automation technology. Read excerpts from each chapter here.
  • Preview: How Open Secure Automation Reduces Upstream and Midstream Costs: Please join us Tuesday, December 1st at noon EST when the AMG World presents Albert Rooyakkers discussing “How Open Secure Automation Reduces Upstream and Midstream Costs.” The webinar will cover the numerous ways that open technology, cyber security, and data analytics work together to deliver the cost-saving benefits of remote operations management, something that applies well beyond the oil & gas industry. Register for the webinar here and click here for a preview of the presentation. 
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