Industrial Control System


  • An unbreakable Black Fabric® backplane communications architecture providing the highest predicted MTBF in the industry.
  • Our electromagnetic interconnect eliminates all I/O pins providing increased reliability, higher speed, galvanic isolation, and protection against cyber snooping.
  • A 4GB black fabric communication providing 1 MS I/O scan time regardless of I/O count and user application.
  • All-metal construction increases reliability, safety, and cyber security.
  • An all-fiber star network can span up to 20Km providing highest levels of distribution and application flexibility.

I/O: Black Fabric® Virtual Marshaling Series (VMS) uses layers of advanced technology to deliver software defined I/O and only three I/O module types. A Universal I/O module (UIO) capable of analog and discrete inputs and outputs, a Universal Ethernet module (UE) for Industrial Ethernet based protocols (Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP, Profinet, etc.) and a Universal Serial (US) module for industrial serial based protocols (Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Profibus, etc.). For a full list of I/O signals and industrial communication protocols, please see the Platform Specification document. The result is an 80% reduction in module types for typical users.


Bedrock’s innovative architecture coupled with advanced silicon enables extreme performance in all critical areas such as speed, accuracy, temperature, isolation, and density for increased productivity and profitability. Examples include 1 MS deterministic I/O scan times regardless of I/O load, 1200v channel-to-channel and 1500v channel-to-ground isolation and an operating temperature range from -40C to +80C.

All I/O modules include Bedrock’s layered and embedded Black Fabric® Cybershield to defend against all manners of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

Power: There is one universal smart power supply that supports 80 – 265 VAC/VDC 50/60 Hz input and provides all required system power plus an isolated +24VDC output for field devices can handle unregulated AC or DC input worldwide and DC output for field devices.

With no fans, our system has extreme reliability in sealed all-metal construction that enables flawless operation at extended temperature range of -40C to +80C.

Coupled to the backplane, the power supply provides advanced diagnostic capabilities for better analytics, predictive maintenance, and reduced unplanned downtime.

The power supply is redundant and cyber secure with a secure Black Fabric® ARM processor on board.

Bedrock offers a directly coupled cyber secure lithium polymer UPS as well. Smart secure lithium technology offers higher energy density and faster charging times versus conventional sealed lead acid UPS technology.

Controller: Universal controller for all control modes: Continuous, Ladder, SFC or MVC supporting as little as ten, or as many as thousands of I/O per control module.

Extreme speed and robustness with guaranteed execution times of less than 5msec which enables less variation on control loops, increased data collection at more granular level, and higher fidelity control.

Advanced redundant interlink enabling the highest speed redundancy to ensure least disruption to process.

Backplane coupled with advanced diagnostics to improve uptime, increase asset utilization, and provide richer analytics.

Redundant layered and embedded cyber security with crypto Black Fabric® Arm secure processor running SiL III rated, EAL 6+ certified RTOS for safe and secure operation.

Sequence of events (SOE) capability built in means no need to buy special hardware. All I/O including power supply eligible for SOE functionality.

Software: Bedrock’s Integrated Development Environment 1.0 provides a workplace to speed the implementation and commissioning of automation projects.  An intuitive user interface brings together the core functions into an easy-to-use and simple-to-learn package.  This environment includes:

  • Control system I/O and network configuration
  • Control application development with integrated debugging and diagnostic modules
  • Import and export capabilities for integration with third-party applications
  • Online help with access to manuals and instruction guides.

UPS: Bedrock’s Secure Power Solutions include power and UPS elements with unrivaled security and availability.   Using advanced construction materials, crypto processors, battery chemistry, power topologies, communications and diagnostics, a new industrial power paradigm is here.   Benefits for users include:

  • Sealed all-metal construction with extended environmental specifications
  • Highest levels of availability and security
  • Integrated modular redundancy
  • Lifetime warranties