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Bedrock Automation asked “What would it take to design a control system strong enough for today’s security threats?” The answer was to build the control system from the ground up. And the result is a control system that’s not only more secure, but also outperforms, outlasts, and costs less to operate than any control system in existence – all backed by our five year warranty!

It starts with a backplane with fast I/O communication and no pins. It continues with virtually marshalled I/O enabling you to save time and money in installation, maintenance, and commissioning. You’ve never seen this kind of power.  And speaking of power, Bedrock provides a backplane-coupled power supply, reducing cost, panel space, and the need for power conditioning.

Control systems are the brains behind how we manufacture, and a future of secure reliable automation requires a substantial rebuild and rethink of the status quo. The time has come for Bedrock Automation.