Open Secure Automation for Oil & Gas

Upstream and midstream automation solutions with unrivaled durability, performance—and cyber security built in.

Bedrock Open Secure Automation builds intrinsic cyber security, open interoperability and extreme performance into every control system and power supply we make.

You’ll find our industrial control systems and power supplies on pipelines, separators, injection sites, dehydration units and more, managing the most demanding Oil & Gas operations.

Reducing costs while improving agility

In a highly dynamic market, automation is helping Oil & Gas companies streamline operations so they can ramp up and ramp down, quickly and strategically. With a proven commitment to maximum multivendor interoperability, Bedrock Automation allows operators to automate more efficiently by mixing and matching off-the-shelf technology to optimize budget and operations.

Preventing cyber attacks while continuing operations

Oil & Gas companies are critical to U.S. infrastructure. Bedrock Automation enables the secure control of valves, pumps, leak detection, alarming and more. With military-grade cyber security built-in, your operations will be protected – from the ICS and power supplies to your most remote installations and back. This is prevention that enables your process, not detection that interrupts it.

Securing remote operations while empowering IIoT

As Oil & Gas companies centralize operations to monitor and manage facilities more efficiently, Bedrock OSA takes remote operations to the next level. With an open, secure, and simple architecture, we bring IT and OT together for smart performance, advanced analytics, built-in security—and even bumpless remote upgrades across all of your operations.

The Bedrock OSA Platform Features

Ultra-fast ICS
OPC UA, MQTT, Ethernet IP, Hart Modbus
Free IEC 61131 IDE Software
Sealed, all-metal Enclosure
IP 67
– 40°C to +80°C operating range
EMP hardened (MIL-STD 461 certified)
Made in America; 5-YR warranty
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