Why Open Control?

Single-sourcing your automation limits choice and locks you into potentially higher prices. Open control improves your process by enabling you to take maximum advantage of best-of-breed technology. Here’s how Bedrock Automation helps:

  • Secure SCADA:. OPC UA is rapidly becoming the communication standard for open enterprise interoperability. Bedrock secures those connections by providing a third-party root of trust that ensures that only authorized devices interoperate. This takes advantage of the full cyber security potential built into OPC UA, in a way that few if any control systems can.
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  • Free IEC 61131 Integrated Development Environment (IDE): This open solution enables you to integrate best of breed technologies around your unique business needs. Other vendors offer IEC 61131 IDEs, but no one else offers it for free.
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  • Universal I/O: – Bedrock offers programmable I/O for most major industrial protocols. This means you can configure your I/O at later stages of a development project and spend less on maintaining spares.
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Open control can save you thousands, expose new applications horizons, and make your life easier.

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