Why Open Control

The age of open standards is upon us and with it comes new opportunity to reduce costs, communicate securely and leverage best of breed applications. Here’s how Bedrock helps:

  • Lower costs: With Bedrock Automation’s free IEC 61131 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), you can integrate any IEC 61131 compliant application into your automation strategies and maintain it without specialized programmers. Download the free IDE here. Also, our free online training (School of Bedrock) helps you make the most of that capability. Check that out here.
  • Secure data exchange: OPC UA is the leading standard for SCADA and open enterprise interoperability. MQTT Sparkplug is also growing quickly. Only Bedrock offers built-in capability to provide a third-party root of trust that protects communications across public networks, the cloud and the enterprise. And because that protection is built into our controls, it’s one more way that Bedrock saves you money. Learn more about open secure SCADA here.
  • Best of breed applications: Deploying software that fits into your strategy instead of proprietary pigeonholes optimizes return on all production assets. Find Bedrock integration partners that can help you build your strategic applications here.

See how one utility has taken advantage of Bedrock open engineering capabilities.