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NEWS RELEASE: Tatsoft Authenticates FactoryStudio 2018 SCADA Software to the Bedrock® Open Secure Automation® Platform

April 24, 2018 |  Press Releases

San Francisco, Calif. – CSIA Executive Conference – April 24, 2018 – Bedrock Automation and Tatsoft have announced that Tatsoft will authenticate the latest version of its SCADA software to the Bedrock control system root of trust. FactoryStudio 2018 developers will be able to generate Certificate Signing Requests (CSRs) for the Bedrock Certificate Authority (CA). These certificates provide users with a cyber secure connection between their control system and their HMI and SCADA applications.

“Our users are looking for ways to take advantage of open systems but are increasingly concerned about cyber security. FactoryStudio 2018 software gives users new functionality for building open applications and by supporting the Bedrock platform, we can provide a secure path for those applications to interact with PLC functionality. We could not do this with any other control platform, because none has authentication certificates embedded in their firmware as Bedrock does,” said Tatsoft CEO Marcos Taccolini.

Tatsoft FactoryStudio is an application development platform for real-time enterprise information management. It provides a complete set of modules via a unified engineering user interface built on Microsoft.NET and sharable with other open applications via OPC UA. FactoryStudio users building control logic for critical infrastructure industries such as water treatment, power, and oil & gas can incorporate the Bedrock encryption keys directly into their applications and enjoy end-to-end cyber secure protection. FactoryStudio 2018 includes the following enhancements:

• IoT tools for developing HTML5 clients displays for access on any glass, including JavaScripting
• Standard, sharable user-created components and plug-Ins
• Project build rollback
• TreeView listing and access to all objects in current display
• Multi-lingual support built into the engineering environment, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian

Bedrock adds cyber security to FactoryStudio 2018 by drawing on the power and flexibility of public key infrastructure (PKI) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology comparable to what is used to secure online financial transactions. This leverages hardware-based secret root keys and certificates for advanced cryptographic authentication of Bedrock hardware and software components, which Bedrock Automation began offering to third party developers such as Tatsoft earlier this year. The process begins when developers seek authorization for their digital identities by submitting the certificate signing request (CSR) to the Bedrock Automation Cloud SaaS Certificate Authority (CA). In response, the CA returns a certificate which contains the digital signature that developers place into their applications to allow access to the Bedrock controller.

Bedrock Automation has also recently introduced the OSA® Remote system, which will provide FactoryStudio 2018 users a compact, low-cost security platform for remote PLC, SCADA RTU and edge control applications requiring 20 or fewer I/O channels.

“Enterprise integration based on open standards enables great opportunities for cost savings and application flexibility, but it must be secure. By providing its developers with an endpoint root of trust covering configuration, engineering, and run-time operations, Tatsoft can offer protection without costly and cumbersome bolt-on technologies. We welcome them to the realm of intrinsically-secure control,” said Bedrock CEO and founder Albert Rooyakkers.

About Tatsoft, LLC
The Tatsoft core development group has 25+ years of experience in developing industrial software. Its previous generations of products were brand-labeled to thousands of applications worldwide. Tatsoft was created in Houston in 2009, backed-up by senior executives and years of pure research and development, with the mission to bring the next generation automation platform to the market. Tatsoft’s core product, FactoryStudio, is an all-in-one integrated solution including a built-in SQL database, data-acquisition protocols, web server, alarm and event management, recipes, data logging, and WPF graphical designer.

For more information about Tatsoft, visit

About Bedrock Automation
Bedrock Automation, based in San Jose, California, is the maker of Bedrock®, the world’s most powerful and cyber secure automation platform. This Silicon Valley company has assembled the latest technologies and talents from the automation, cyber security and semiconductor industries to build an unprecedented automation solution for industrial control based on three prime directives: simplicity, scalability and security. The result is a new platform of automation called OSA®, Open Secure Automation, with revolutionary electromagnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded ICS cyber security to deliver the highest levels of system performance, cyber security and reliability at the lowest lifecycle cost. Build on Bedrock®!

For more information, contact Bedrock Automation at +1-781-821-0280, send email to or visit

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