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NEWS RELEASE: Bedrock® Open Secure Automation™ Provides Intrinsic Cyber Security for Remote Networks, IIoT and Third-Party Applications

June 13, 2017 |  Press Releases

Calgary, Canada. – June 13, 2017 – At this year’s Global Petroleum show, Bedrock Automation demonstrated newly upgraded control system firmware that extends its intrinsic cyber security protection to upstream and midstream control networks, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and third-party applications. The Bedrock® control system provides cyber secure PLC/RTU control of compression, storage, treatment, processing, dehydration and other midstream and upstream functions. Visit Bedrock Automation at the Global Petroleum show, Corral Booth 2124.
“ARC is not aware of any other supplier implementing a cyber strategy as stringent and comprehensive. In examining the current portfolio, the Bedrock engineers and architects are tackling cybersecurity in a more intrinsic and holistic fashion than many end users have considered. The message? Air gaps and firewalls are not enough,” said ARC Analyst Mark Sen Gupta in his recent ARC View report, “Bedrock Automation’s Cyber Defense Makes Cyber Security Easier for End Users.”
Bedrock Cybershield 2.0 firmware not only enables authentication and encryption of I/O networks and field devices, it also protects compliant networks and user applications such as controller configuration, engineering and SCADA. It achieves this with the world’s first industrial control system (ICS) certification authority (CA) – drawing on the power and flexibility of public key infrastructure (PKI) and
Transport Layer Security (TLS).
Attempting a similar level of protection with conventional, bolt-on cyber security technologies increases operational cost and complexity with minimal certainty of protection against inside-out or outside-in attacks like Stuxnet or human factor cyber security risks like stolen credentials. Because cyber security hardening is a standard feature of all Bedrock system components, the cost of obtaining this protection with Bedrock is negligible. The Bedrock Open Secure Automation™ (OSA®) system offers midstream and upstream processors the following unique benefits:
• Intrinsic, military-grade cyber security that prevents intrusion while protecting company IP and data
• Minimal downtime and maintenance, even under extreme conditions, including lightning strikes. This is also the first industrial control system certified for EMP immunity
• Support for engineering and embedded custom PLC/RTU applications without additional software or equipment
• Secure on-board power, I/O and OPC-UA server enables flexible configuration and deployment
• Guaranteed non-obsolescence and secure local/remote upgrades without shutdown
• Standards-based platform that enables multivendor solutions

“Our first objective was to deliver a hardware-based endpoint root of trust, which we did with the Cybershield 1.0, which was built into last year’s product release. Cybershield 2.0 is our next giant leap. It validates our built-in versus bolted-on technologies and is forward and backward compatible. This 2.0 firmware upgrade demonstrates how we continuously enhance intrinsic defense and lead the digital convergence of OT cyber security with enterprise class technologies,” said Bedrock founder and CEO Albert Rooyakkers.
Open and Secure – resolving the contradiction with third-party applications
Bedrock Automation created the Bedrock OSA as an open yet secure platform for hardware, networks and software. Software developers who want to take advantage of this opportunity can now receive certification authority (CA) to incorporate Bedrock encryption keys into their software, which will give their programs secure access to Bedrock controllers. Several leading software providers are releasing or testing this secure integration.
The first cyber secure software partners include 3S of Germany, with its IEC61131 configuration and runtime engines now running over TLS with authentication to the Bedrock system root of trust, as well as a Field Device Tool (FDT) frame application by M&M Software for HART configuration. This will be followed closely with Inductive Automation’s Ignition™ SCADA and other SCADA partners later this year.
Cybershield 2.0 is available today and will be standard in all Bedrock systems going forward. Current customers receive it through a firmware upgrade. Software developers who want to release applications on the Bedrock OSA platform should contact Bedrock Support.
About Bedrock Automation
Bedrock Automation, based in San Jose, California, is the maker of Bedrock, the world’s most powerful and cyber secure automation platform. This Silicon Valley company has assembled the latest technologies and talents from both the automation and semiconductor industries to build an unprecedented automation solution for industrial control based on three prime directives: simplicity, scalability and security. The result is a system with a revolutionary electromagnetic backplane architecture and deeply embedded ICS cyber security, which delivers the highest levels of system performance, industrial cyber security and reliability at the lowest cost of ownership.
For more information, contact Bedrock Automation at +1-781-821-0280, send email to or visit
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John Nero – Tiziani Whitmyre,; 781-793-9380.
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