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New Bedrock Automation Video Shows its Control System Surviving Continuous High Energy Blasts atop a Large Tesla Coil

August 24, 2016 |  Press Releases

San Jose, Calif. August 24, 2016 – On the heels of achieving compliance with Military Standard 461 (MIL-STD-461F) and International Electrical Commission 61000 (IEC 61000) for electromagnetic pulse (EMP) resistance, Bedrock Automation has released a YouTube video showing its Bedrock industrial control system withstanding sustained multi-million volt strikes from a large Tesla coil.


“There are no test equipment or labs to simulate sustained extreme electrical storms for stress testing, so we built one ourselves.  The purpose of the test is to unequivocally demonstrate the extreme margins of safety and reliability built into the Bedrock® OSA® platform.  The video speaks for itself, and while we are thrilled, I am not surprised that our power, UPS, I/O and control modules survived repeated multi-million volt strikes without interrupting control and communications.  The video shows two of eight sustained arc blasts over one hour.  This is an extreme “corner case” test that as far as we know has never been attempted or demonstrated in the history of automation.  Bedrock wants users and suppliers of automation to see what is possible with modern technology applied to system design.  These results will translate into reliability and availability in the most extreme applications,” said Bedrock Automation CTO and founder, Albert Rooyakkers.


Along with ICS cyber security and EMP compliance, Bedrock Automation designed super high voltage resistance into its system at the outset.  Numerous detailed design elements work together to make this possible, including a patented pinless backplane and I/O modules, sealed all-metal construction, fiber optic communications, extreme galvanic isolation of modules and channels, and many other patented and novel approaches to system design.


For more information about Bedrock Automation’s “extreme engineering” capabilities, follow Bedrock Automation on YouTube for future video postings on system performance testing against extreme temperature, vibration, water submersion and other challenging environments.  For more information about Bedrock Automation’s open secure automation, download the latest whitepaper: OSA White Paper, Chapter Three – Intrinsic Cyber Security Fundamentals at

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