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Introducing Bedrock OSA® Remote

  • Intrinsically-secure PLC and RTU control
  • 10 or 20 channels of universal I/O
  • Free IEC 61131-3 engineering software
  • -40ºC to +80ºC temperature range
  • Rugged, all-metal case 5.4 in x 8.9 in x 2.3 in
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Industry News

Cyber Attacks

Industrial Cybersecurity Explosion

November 2, 2017
Robert Bergman

David Greenfield, editor of Automation World,in his recent article Industrial Cybersecurity Explosion, emphasizes that manufacturers must stop ignoring or downplaying the cyber risk. He references attacks like Wannacry, Notpetya, and zeros in on “Brutal Kangaroo” – an attack specifically designed for air gapped systems. Industrial automation reliability and safety safeguarded though better monitoring and early detection of cyber risks unfortunately can create a false sense of security. While we agree that improved vigilance is essential, Bedrock Automation was founded on the premise that the best cyber defense is built in versus bolted on. Bedrock Cybershield is the most effective ICS technology available to provide layered and embedded defenses against cyberattacks. This approach uses a suite of technologies in the product design and supply chain to enable authentication of hardware,software, applications and users, from the IIoT to secure OPC-UA SCADA systems.

Cyber Attacks

Remote Monitoring Comes of Age

March 24, 2020
Robert Bergman

Remote possibilities   Companies with geographically dispersed operations, such as upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities, can benefit from […]

Cyber Attacks

Ransomware Leads to Pipeline Shutdown

March 23, 2020
Robert Bergman

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) confirmed last month that unknown entities had launched a cyberattack on the […]

Cyber Attacks

Bedrock embeds Flow-Cal algorithms in firmware

March 3, 2020
Robert Bergman

A Control Magazine exclusive announces the availability of two new Bedrock products: OSA +Flow and OSA Remote +Flow. Read how […]