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Cyber Security & Standards

Fast Track to Real-Time Monitoring

August 29, 2019
Robert Bergman

An August Storm Water Solutions story about how the City of Lynchburg, Virginia implemented a public information system, exemplifies the simulation capabilities of the Bedrock Integrated Development Environment.


Here are excerpted highlights:


“… the city needed to find a way to add logic into the system to mitigate false alarms and prevent subscribers from being flooded by multiple alerts during a single CSO event. A Bedrock Open Secure Automation system already provided cybersecurity and logic controls of sensors, pumps and other field instruments. Since industrial controllers are designed for continuous long-life and harsh service operations, leveraging one for the bulk of the logical operations of the project made sense. Importantly, the Bedrock controller already supported the industrial protocols necessary to read the level data, and while it could filter and generate alarms, it was still secure and robust enough to trust for critical plant operations.


“The Bedrock integrated development environment (IDE)-the software used to configure the system-includes a simulator capability. This allowed the code to be built, run and validated in the programming environment, decoupled from the physical hardware. This was especially important because the Lynchburg Water Resources technical team was working with a remote system programmer based in North Carolina. Through the simulator, the programmer could test, debug, and commission code from his North Carolina office simultaneously while the physical hardware was being installed and commissioned on-site in Lynchburg.


“This simulation allowed both teams to confidently combine factory and site acceptance testing, which cut the deployment time in half compared to similar past projects. Since the code already was tested and proven, the onsite startup was completed in one day. It also gave the Lynchburg technician the ability to test future modifications before making changes on the live system, something common in today’s information technology world, but very uncommon in the industrial control environment.”


Read the full feature here.


Download the new Bedrock IDE version 1.10 for free, here.

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