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Cyber Security & Standards

Driving Costs out of Upstream Oil & Gas Operations with Open Secure Automation

July 31, 2020
Robert Bergman

A recent study from Rystad Energy Group estimates that automation and digitalization can save upstream operators $100 billion in the 2020s, which represents about 10 percent of their 2018 spend. Open Secure Automation contributes to such savings in at least the following ways:


  • Meeting automation needs of today and tomorrow with standard, easier to implement technology
  • Providing free engineering software that scales across all applications
  • Protecting applications with free built-in cyber security
  • Unleashing the cost savings capabilities of automation


Open technology lowers automation costs

Using open technologies means that you can meet many essential control needs now with lower-cost, easier-to-implement off-the-shelf technologies. This includes best of breed process automation applications as well as open platform integrated development environments, which can save thousands of dollars over the costs of proprietary engineering tools. Futureproofing your process with standards-based open technology is another key to long term cost savings.


Free engineering software that scales

Utlizing free and standards-based engineering software enables ease of use and portability without costly annual license fees. With a single open software platform, applications ranging across all automation technologies and installations can be managed securely and efficiently.


Built-in cyber security provides low-to no-cost assurance

Implementing controls that have cyber security built-in removes the immediate worries about vulnerabilities that might otherwise come with open technologies. And it could do so at no additional cost if the cyber security is built-in without any incremental cost above the control system.


Flexibility and scalability maximize benefits of automation

Automating otherwise manual costs and enabling remote access to controls can save thousands and even millions of dollars. Working with platforms that scale easily from PLC to high-end DCS applications, universal I/O and environmentally and shock-resistant enclosures can lower costs of applications such as custody transfer, water management, and separations.


“In addition to cost savings, digitalization initiatives can also increase productivity by increasing uptime, optimizing reservoir depletion strategies, improving the health, safety and environment of workers and minimizing greenhouse emissions – all of which have significant value creation,” says Audun Martinsen, head of Rystad’s head of oilfield services research.


For more information about the economic benefits of open secure automation, see “Is there life after $30 oil?”

Cyber Security & Standards

CISA Issues New Ransomware Guide

October 6, 2020
Sam Galpin

Sam Galpin, Bedrock Automation Fellow   The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a new Ransomware Guide. […]

Cyber Security & Standards

Understanding and Managing ICS Cyber Security Threats to U.S. Water and Wastewater Utilities

September 28, 2020
Robert Bergman

“Government intelligence confirms the water and wastewater sector is under a direct threat as part of a foreign government’s multistage […]

Cyber Security & Standards

U.S. Security Agencies Warn of Cyber Attack Threats to Unauthenticated PLCs and other OT

August 27, 2020
Robert Bergman

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) have urged critical infrastructure facilities to take […]