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Bedrock Bares All

October 16, 2015 |  In The News

NOTE: This article has been reprinted with permission from the Industrial Automation and Process Control INSIDER newsletter, written by Walt Boyes.



Bedrock CEO Bob Honor asks us to Think …

After a year of running up to it, Bedrock Automation held its partner conference and press briefing in early September in a hotel in Boston that once was a jail. In a clearly symbolic way, Bedrock is breaking out of the technological jail that control systems have been in for a generation.


CEO Bob Honor, formerly of Rockwell, gave a welcome to the assembled press and partners, and noted that shipping for all of the products was beginning and would be in full swing by the end of the year. He then turned the briefing over to Co-Founder and CTO Albert Rooyakkers, formerly of Foxboro. Rooyakkers explained the concepts behind the Bed-rock controller and its components.


The most important concepts are scalability, robustness and security, with security the “bedrock” of the system. Rooyakkers noted that every microprocessor component of the system is protected by a multiple private key encryption system that is proprietary and patented by Maxim Integrated, Bed-rock’s parent company. This is the future of industrial controllers, especially in the Industrial Internet of Things.



Rooyakkers introduced the SPS500 power supply (pictured at left), the SIOU.10 Universal I/O module, the SIO4.E module with 5 Ethernet ports, with power over Ethernet (POE) on all five ports, with 25 watts per port, and multi-concurrent stack support. He introduced the UPS500 uninterruptible power supply, which, like its sister component the SPS500 is itself encrypted, with advanced security to power the Industrial Internet of Things. The UPS500 has an embedded OPCUA Server!


The SPS500 power supply is an incredibly robust switching power supply, designed for “extreme robustness” with a NEMA 4X enclosure, detailed diagnostics, and, like the UPS500, has an embedded OPCUA Server.


The controller component can run, Rooyakkers said, 100 PID loops in 267 microseconds, and 200,000 rungs of Ladder in 6.63 microseconds. “That’s 22 times faster than the fastest controller on the market.”


Bedrock showed their expandable controller backplane, with the patented Black Fabric interface.Insider September 2015 Final (002)


Rooyakkers noted that the Bedrock system is ISA Secure, and is completely encrypted, end to end. It is, he said, “Simple, scalable, and secure.”


He showed a chart that made clear what he was talking about when he said, simple. That would be one I/O module, one controller, one power supply, one UPS, and one set of cables.


Bedrock also introduced several of their integrator and distributor partners, some of whom served as beta testers.


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