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Bedrock Automation Receives Frost & Sullivan 2015 Best Practices Award for Industrial Control System Innovation

August 10, 2015
Robert Bergman

San Jose, Calif. – August 10, 2015 – Bedrock Automation, the Silicon Valley company that recently introduced its revolutionary Bedrock® universal control system, has been named Frost & Sullivan’s North American Industrial Control System Entrepreneurial Company of the Year. Bedrock received this award as recognition for bringing to market one of the most significant industrial control system advances in the past 15 years.


“Frost & Sullivan’s independent analysis of the Industrial Controls Systems market clearly shows Bedrock Automation has designed and developed a superior system that is secure by design; promises to optimize cost, performance and ensure security; and is suitable for a variety of industrial applications and plant sizes. The system is truly simple, scalable and secure,” said Piyush Dewangan, industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan.


Frost & Sullivan analysts recommended Bedrock Automation for the award based on an in-depth benchmark study. A complete copy of the Frost & Sullivan research report is available at The following excerpts highlight the findings:


  • Scalability. “The system is scalable for applications requiring very few input/output (I/O) points to those requiring many thousands of I/O points. The unified control system platform is suitable not only for DCS and PLC applications, but also for SCADA remote telemetry unit (RTU) and many other applications.”
  • Cyber Security. “Bedrock Automation has designed a control system with layered and embedded cyber security features, starting at the transistor level using secure microcontroller technology that includes secure memory, hardware accelerators and true random number generators (TRNG).”
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership. “Bedrock Automation’s system design ensures reduced TCO, with cost reduction in all aspects of the project, such as procurement, engineering, installation, commissioning, and maintenance, and also through built-in cyber security capabilities.”
  • Pin-less Backplane. “In addition to a secure hardware and software platform, Bedrock also designed a patented Black Fabric® backplane to ensure physical protection and security. The Black Fabric® backplane has no I/O module pins and provides integral anti-snoop protection.”
  • Universal I/O. “Bedrock Automation has designed programmable and smart universal I/O modules that deliver embedded cyber security that starts at the I/O channels. In addition to a simplified series of high-density, high-performance I/O modules, Bedrock offers software-configurable I/O that condenses user applications to three high-performance module types.”
  • Power Supply. “Bedrock Automation’s power supply and UPS components offer 32-bit ARM cyber secure microcontrollers with system memory for improved sensing and monitoring experience. Power System variables, such as line, intermediate, channel and output voltages, currents, power factors, and board and component temperatures, can be sensed and monitored. The system also enables dynamic sharing, advanced redundancy, and situational awareness for improved reliability and efficiency.”
  • Reduced Engineering. “Bedrock Automation’s system offers a reduction in engineering hours by approximately 33% due to a simplified bill of material (BOM), software configuration of I/O, and standardization of junction boxes.”

“We started out with a blank sheet of paper and a commitment to rethink industrial control technology from the silicon on up. With deep roots in both automation and semiconductors, and unburdened by legacy, we have created not only the most cyber secure system available today, but have also established new benchmarks for performance, scalability and affordability. We are very proud that Frost & Sullivan has recognized this achievement,” said Bedrock Automation President Bob Honor.


Media Contacts:

John NeroTiziani Whitmyre,; 781-793-9380.

Rob Bergman – Bedrock Automation,; 626-824-0404.

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